About Me

My name is TJay but online I've been going by Jtrev for years. Most who recognize my name might remember me when I reviewed indie games back in 2015.

Jtrev23 Reviews is officially shut down now as I want to focus on making my own games instead of reviewing other developer's indie games but I do still try to keep up to date to find hidden gems.

Similar to many other millennials, I grew up playing a lot of games and I've always been interested in entertaining people. When I was younger I dabbled in making board games and once I started to learn some programming languages, I immediately switched over to making digital games and attended as many game jams as I could.

Now that I have my degree in Video Game Development from Full Sail University and years of programming experience under my belt, I'm ready to start making bigger and better games that I hope people will enjoy.

Prior to now, my major games have mostly been part of game jams but now Im working on titles that I hope to get on Steam and consoles.

Below is a list of games I have created so far with links.

Road Tripp: Link
-3D Runner made for Global Game Jam 2017.
Made with a randomized team of 2 programmers, 2 artists, 2 game designers, and 2 enthusiasts.
I handled the gameplay code for lanes and programing moving objects.
Notorious: Link
-2.5D beat'em up with a focus on Destruction.
Made in Unity with a team of 3. I handled the majority of gameplay programming including projectile management, game physics, character customization, as well as created/edited all the destruction art.

Transcendence: link
- Action platformer with light RPG aspects. Story driven and and uses an original upgrade system and party switching system.
Made in Game Maker Studio for the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest.

Below is a Let's Play done by Artificer, a fellow contestant of the 2015 IGMC
Lucid - LINK
- Puzzle Horror game with point and click features and real time aspects. Includes several unique puzzles and inventory system.
Made in Game Maker Studio originally for Global Game Jam 2015.


Spirit Realm
1st version-link
version 1.3-link
version 1.5-link
-My first major game!  Originally created for the 2014 indie game maker contest with bug fixes made after.
  - Action Platformer.
-Updated versions have keyboard controls for menu screens.