I am Jtrev23 and I make games.
Jax Drix, character designed by Jtrev23

From programming to art, I am interested in all aspects of game development and enjoy bringing ideas to life.

Transfer of Essence May 2018 build.
Transfer of Essence May 2019 build.

Human beings are complex and I am no different. I enjoy many different types of games and the same goes for creating games.

Transmigration Academy, game jam game made in RPG maker.

So far I've worked on multiple platformer games, top-down shooters, 2.5d beat em ups, and even a tactical rpg. Please check out my latest games at https://jtrev23.itch.io/

Notorious, midterm game at Full Sail University.

I've worked in multiple game engines including Unity, Game Maker Studio, and RPG Maker; and have knowledge using c#, c++, java, javascript, and more!

Unity Logo, I do not own this.

Though my profession is based on programming, I also have experience in 2D art and animation. For several titles, I have drawn or edited 2D art for my games.

Original promotional concept art for Transfer of Essence.

Finally, I have also made music tracks for the games I've worked on as well. While I wouldn't call myself a musician, I am capable of making impactful tracks that resonate with the themes of the games I have made.

Thank You for visiting my site and having an interest in my life. I hope you enjoy the games I make and I look forward to bringing enjoyment to more people in the future.

Portfolio: https://jtrev23.itch.io/

Email: jtrev23@gmail.com