Transfer Of Essence


Transfer of Essence is a tactical RPG that is currently in development about several entities infiltrating a mansion, all after the same treasure!

 Follow each character as they remember different events of that night to uncover the full story.

Background (World) 

Set in a fantasy world similar to Central Europe in the Victorian Era, with emerging technology around the early to mid 1900s, hybrid creatures of various mythological origins roam the earth.

500 years before the beginning of our tale, a meteor was due course for our planet. Sensing the incoming threat, creatures of the night surfaced to seek a solution to this problem. Of course, chaos ensued with their presence; riots, war, panic, rage, violence, and terror was abound.

To combat the threat, many different nations and creatures worked towards solving the issue, but the discord sewn by the presence of these beasts and the threat of world destruction often got in the way of any meaningful process. Even when they could focus, both nukes and magic could not take care of the meteor.

Yet there was hope. A coven of witches amidst the pandemonium came up with a plan. The meteor itself was unbreakable, so rather than destroying it, they would utilize forbidden spells to soften the impact upon the earth. These forbidden spells of course could only be accessed with spellbooks hidden away by the Council of Magic. The witches thus organized an assault on the secret vaults and stole as many books as they could get their hands on. Their plan worked for the most part, the meteor did not demolish the planet, but the collision with the forbidden magic spread the magic’s side effects throughout the world. As a result, the many races embroiled in war merged together with those around them.

To the modern day, over 85% of the world’s population is made up of hybrid creatures. The exceptions is the fairy race, who were unaffected for some unknown reason, and the witches who had the time to protect or cure themselves of the side effects before they could become permanent. Furthermore, the meteor still lays in the land that it struck, proof that it is real and not just a part of a fairy tale.

With fairies being the only “pure” race, and the hybrids confused by their physical situation, they sought to dominate the new Earth and quickly gained enough political power to be the dominant force of the new world.

Among the hybrids there are still small resistance groups trying to reclaim territory from the tyrannical Fairies, but for the most part the planet has been subjugated by the new rule. The surface world seems to be at peace under the reign of the Fairies, but that is simply an illusion hiding the true feelings of the people, who often participate in underground meetings and black market trade.

Background (Setting) 

Transfer of Essence takes place entirely within Vampretti Manor. A huge castle in the middle of nowhere that is home to Vampire Yeti. Rumors have spread that the leader of the Vampretti has found the spellbook “Transference” which is said to be a forbidden spellbook that had been used to stop the meteor. Transference is said to be able to “transfer” anything between 2 objects. Examples include body swapping, exchanging memories, transferring abilities, and more. The leader of the Vampretti is supposed to be hosting an underground auction for the book and many different characters have plans to buy or steal the book. 

The main characters all arrive at different times, finding out that war has broken out in the castle. Scorpiees, Fairies, Gorach, Antileon, Vampretti,  and Revenants have all secured different parts of the castle, each searching for the book.    


Jax Drix

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Race: Drix (Dragon/Witch)
Personality: Sarcastic, sassy, rude, confident, looks down on others and himself.
Relationships: Zeffron Drix (foster brother), Pyrina Phixie (teacher)
Reason for wanting Transference: To “Fix” himself.

Zeffron Drix

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Race: Drix (Dragon/Witch)
Personality: calm, silent, hardly admits what he’s thinking, clever but still solves most problems with his fists.
Affiliations: Drix Village
Relationships: Jax Drix (foster brother)
Reason for wanting Transference: At first nothing, but after hearing the fairies plan to use it, he hopes to retrieve it and destroy it before they can.

Pyrina Phixie

Age: 26
Sex: Female
Race: Phixie (Phoenix/Pixie)
Personality: Outspoken, Activist, unforgiving
Affiliations: Phixie Resistance, Transmigration Academy
Relationships: Flara Phixie (student)
Reason for wanting Transference: To swap bodies so she can continue to fight with the resistance.

Flara Phixie

Age: 22
Sex: Female
Race: Phixie (Phoenix/Pixie)
Personality: Fake, Pretends to act like a ditz, in reality she is cold and uncaring. Obsessive
Affiliations: Transmigration Academy
Relationships: Pyrina Phixie (student), Sapphire Witchcoven (???)
Reason for wanting Transference: To swap bodies with Pyrina, therefore hopefully regaining the ability to feel emotions, as well as live a longer life.

Sapphire Witchcoven

Age: 500+
Sex: Female
Race: Witch (Pure?)
Personality: Cold, Calculated, Buried in thought, Sneezes randomly
Affiliations: Magic Council
Relationships: Lukon Hedewolf (butler/ experimented on), Flara Phixie (???)
Reason for wanting Transference: To reclaim what was “once hers”.

Lukon Hedgewolf

Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: Hedgewolf (Hedgehog/Werewolf)
Personality: Loyal, Subservient, Prim & Proper, (only refers to Sapphire as “Milady”)
Affiliations: Magic Council
Relationships:Sapphire Witchcoven (master)
Reason for wanting Transference: Because it will make “Milady”’s dream come true. 


Inspired by series like Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei, Transfer of Essence focuses on a grid-based battle system that is divided into phases and uses an elemental weakness system.

Transfer of Essence introduces the concept of action based combat. Where games like Fire Emblem limit options to moving once and attacking once per character, Transference distributes action points to characters to use freely. 

Players have to think carefully about how to use their actions. This is essential as whoever delivers the final blow receives skills or items upon defeating enemies or certain events.


I am currently making the music for Transfer Of Essence using an application called SoundTrap. The music is more more techno but music will change in accordance to scenes and themes in the game

Take a listen to the clips below or view my entire playlist on Sound Cloud here: 


 Thank you for your interest in Transfer of Essence. 

You can try out the demo on Steam here: